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I'm stealing from the poor to give for the rich!

About character

Real name: Ezechiele Bluff, in Vjesnik version translated as Milogled Bluff. Superciuk is the most prominent villain of the series, sometimes being the main subject of the plot. He steals from poor people and gives to rich, like an anti-Robin Hood of sorts. His main weapon is his deadly breath, alimented with poor quality Barbera and onion tomatoes; in Italian «chook» sounds like «ciucco», i.e. "very drunk". In his normal life Superciuk is a street-sweeper who is constantly vexed by his companion, Beppa Giosef.His character bring popularity to Alan Ford.He is an example of the hard life of the working class.


Superciuk was born in Brooklyn as Ezechiele Bluff in working class family.He was working as street sweeper.